Learn to Swim or Improve Your Technique

At SwimFastIowa you can learn to swim (adults and kids) or improve your technique — all in the privacy of our Endless Pool®. Whether you’re an adult or a youth, learning to swim or looking to win, we contract with the area’s best coaches to provide you with skills and technique tailored specifically to you and your goals. Our one-on-one sessions create the best environment for learning.


Stroke / Technique Work

Our Endless Pool® is the perfect environment for technique improvement. Our pool is in an enclosed structure on private property. Current flows continuously with adjustable speed to accommodate every level of swimmer. Additionally, we have two underwater cameras providing live video where our Coaches can pause, backup, and slow-motion your stroke so they can see easily help you get better.

$30 per 1/2 hour. $50 per 1/2 hour for advanced technique. One on one instruction.

  • Age Group Swimmers
  • High School Swimmers
  • College Swimmers
  • Masters Swimmers
  • Triathletes
  • Open Water Swimmers



Learn to Swim

Whether you or your little ones are naturals in the water or a little timid, we can help. Our instructors are patient and understanding and our small pool and private facility will make even the most anxious feel comfortable.

One-on-one, private, no-touch swim lessons in an Endless Pool. Water is 45″ deep. Instructor is next to the swimmer giving instructions, but on deck, while having safety devices next to them. Motion can be added to the water, otherwise it is still. Parents are nearby, within 15 feet, and get to enjoy the lesson and learning.

$30 per 1/2 hour. One on one instruction. Ages 3 and up.

  • Kids Learn to Swim
  • Adults Learn to Swim
  • Parent and Baby
  • Special Needs



Are you a coach or have a coach you would prefer to use the pool? You can rent time in the pool by the hour, so you and your coach can utilize the technology and tools!

Competitive swimmer workout alone, or bring a coach – $20 per 1/2 hour.


Have Questions?

Send us a note and we’ll do our best to answer your questions.

About Us

We contract the areas best coaches to ensure your experience is fulfilling and exceeds your individual needs.

Most of our coaches work on deck for area USA Swimming swim teams, with over eight decades of swim instruction.

We envision every person having water safe skills, and we enjoy helping those looking for basic instruction to high level competitive input.

1394 Randall Dr. NW
Swisher, IA, 52338